A Guide to: An English Cottage Bedroom

All of the details you need to create the perfect english country style bedroom. See PDF download for all of the links for products shown.

7/7/20231 min read

The English Cottage aesthetic has quickly become a popular style in residential design. Picking unique pieces with lots of patterns overlayed on top of wood tones helps create a cozy and rich space. The pieces shown in our guide are all available for purchase, but there are lots of ways to procure unique antique pieces at your local antique shops!

With this aesthetic, the more details you add the better. Start by mounting the wainscot panel shown in our guide to the halfway point on your wall, top it with the chair rail also shown, and paint the entire wall, including the paneling in the paint colour shown here as the background, which is Sherwin Williams Jogging Path.

To add an extra touch of elegance, overlay brass vent covers and switch plate covers. These small details will make your space feel like it was always meant to have this charming English Cottage vibe.

Download our PDF guide with all of the links for the images of the products shown here: